School Council

The School Council meets every Friday lunchtime in order to debate and gather information on how the school can be improved. This may consist of ideas of for fundraising, or suggestions on how a school area could better be improved.

This year the School Council focus is: school curriculum and how it can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals through engagement and enjoyment.  

Please find a copy of the latest School Council Minutes here.

We have appointed a new School Council for this school year, which consists of two children from each class to represent the whole school:

Year 1 – Lily Gallacher and Jacob Whittaker

Year 2 – Maya Hussain and Elijah Payne

Year 3 – Logan Houston and Mia Windle

Year 4 – Joshua Goodman and Maisie Shorrock

Year 5 – Alfie Dewhurst and Cherisse Greenhalgh

Year 6 – Paris Hawke and William Procter

The teachers in charge of School Council are Mrs Lewer and Mr Walsh.