Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The school seeks to create a secure and caring environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place. The Headteacher and the appropriate class teacher are responsible for the well being of the children in the school and are supported by Ancillary and Welfare Staff. The school will

  • accept responsibility for the care and control of the children during school time and in connection with school activities
  • provide appropriate supervision during the school day and for an appropriate period before and after school
  • act reasonably and responsibly in place of parents where necessary
  • be aware of the educational, personal and social needs of the children
  • help children to overcome difficulties
  • provide information, help and counselling to children and their families
  • provide a professional, friendly and helpful environment in school which encourages mutual support for the benefit of the children

Parents who have any concern regarding matters of welfare, discipline, school rules or any other matter concerning their child should contact the Headteacher in the first instance.

School rules are kept to a minimum and are based on practical and common sense solutions to problems commonly experienced in school. Some rules are explained in this booklet, others are made clear at the appropriate time.

Most problems at school can usually be resolved co-operatively, and the class teacher is usually the first person to contact if there are any concerns. If the problem remains unresolved or if parents are not satisfied with the action that has been taken, discussion with other staff involved with your child and the Headteacher may be the next step. In some cases, parents may feel that they wish to discuss a problem with the Chair of Governors or a Parent Governor. Contact information is given in the Governors section of this booklet.

There are procedures for making formal complaints about any aspect of the school or the implementation of the National Curriculum and details of this procedure may be obtained from school, from any of the Governors or from the local Education Office.