School Governing Body

The school normally has fifteen Governors.  Three are “Foundation Governors” who are appointed by the local Methodist Church, two are appointed by Lancashire County Council and two are “co-opted” by the governors from nominations made from the local community. One member of the teaching staff, one member of the non-teaching staff and the Headteacher also serve as Governors. We also have five Parent Governors who are elected by the parents of the school. The elections for Parent Governors take place in the Autumn, at the end of the Parent Governor’s term of office, or as soon as possible after a retirement or resignation. Parents are informed of the arrangements for election at the time.

The Governors meet in full once each term and items for inclusion on the agenda can be passed on through any of the Governors, the Headteacher or the Clerk to the Governors. Committees of Governors also meet to discuss and make recommendations about Curriculum, Finance, Staffing and the Building. Copies of Minutes of Governors’ Meetings are displayed on the noticeboard in the school entrance.

In the Autumn Term the Annual Governors’ Report is sent to parents and, two weeks later, there is an opportunity for parents to discuss the report, or any other issue relating to the school, at the Annual Parents’ Meeting if a sufficient number of parents request this to take place.