Key Stage 2

Below are the 2016 KS2 SATS results.

Key Stage 2 Sats results 2016

KS2 Attainment 2015

Link to the performance table:

Performance Table


Key Stage 2 consists of 4 year groups (Year 3 – Year 6)



Assessment is one of the key fundamental processes that form successful teaching and learning. Assessment at Hippings is used to identify prior learning, inform future teaching and identify any strengths and weaknesses in understanding.


Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies are used in almost all lessons, which allow an evaluation of learning to occur, and explain children’s ‘next-step’ targets. Assessing Pupil Progress (APP), also occurs in reading, writing and maths. These offer comprehensive teacher assessments and routes for progression.


Summative assessment techniques are used at the end of a taught unit, to evaluate children’s understanding of all of the concepts that they have met. These take the form of; quizzes, questioning,  informal tests, and the National Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs). These allow teachers to track pupil progress towards achieving their targets.


The below link contains national comparative data from the academic year  regarding KS2 Comparative England 2015 in the Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs).